60 Creative Hidden Kitchen Storage Solutions

60 creative hidden kitchen storage solutions 44

Kitchen Cabinets – The Best Way to Use Your Pantry

Hidden Kitchen TV show is a perfect example of hidden storage that you can use. The idea is to make room for your refrigerator and other storage space by using the space underneath the cabinet. The kitchen cabinet is a surprise. This guest post by friend Charlotte from Waco, Texas, is about creative Hidden Kitchen Storage Solutions.

This article will discuss some of the ideas on using your pantry as a place for storage. I will use my pantry as an example because it’s small, and space is a major problem in many kitchens. One of my pantries is located directly above my sink, and as such, I find it extremely difficult to get under it and clean the clutter. A couple of years ago, I made an important decision to put some storage in my pantry; it was an easy decision when I looked at a couple of pantry storage ideas that were already out there. One of them was to store all of my baking tools in a pantry; another was to add shelving to the top of my pantry to store smaller tools like spoons and forks.

I found that when I placed the pantry under the sink, it was impossible to get underneath and clean the clutter. If there was any clutter underneath the sink, it would simply be in the way, and would be harder for me to clean. If I could have just gotten underneath the pantry and removed the clutter, it would have been much easier to get underneath the sink and clean it.

I came across a great idea to hide my pantry stuff under a closet to place all of my smaller cooking tools, utensils, and linens in there instead. It worked well because I have no access to my pantry, or I’d need to go all the way up to the ceiling to get anything.

Once I installed my pantry closet on top of the kitchen cabinets and took out all of my pantry stuff, I finally got under the sink. Now all of my tools and small utensils are hidden and easy to access and clean, and because they’re so close to where they belong, it makes it much easier to get my hands dirty in the kitchen.

These kitchen storage ideas are just a few ideas that you may find useful. You can find many more in the Hidden Kitchen Cabinets TV Show episode.


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