16 The Best Coffin Nails Ideas That Suit Everyone

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A few years ago when I was teaching at a college, I received a file cabinet full of coffin nails. I thought they were a bit of an oddity and was surprised when one of my students asked me if I would look at some of them and show him how to use them. He was using them to drill holes in urns in his high school funeral home and wanted to show me some tricks to make them work better.

I didn’t hesitate and looked through the papers and began to read through the instructions. They are simple and easy to follow but were somewhat difficult for me to understand.

The most important step is to hold the nail very tightly so that it doesn’t break. Hold it at about knee level. You don’t want to cut yourself as you are doing this.

As you hold the nail in place, apply enough pressure to hold it firmly in place. Let go slowly and do not let it fly off into the room. It is a bad idea to try to push the nail into a deeper hole as it can break it.

As you continue to hold the nail in place, start to rotate it and you will see an interesting and neat looking notch. By rotating the nail you can create a unique shape that you might not have seen before. This is a neat trick that will add interest to your creation.

Don’t forget to allow the nail to cool down, drill the nail and put it back in the hole. Don’t be tempted to pull it out, as it will probably chip.

It is a nice fresh color and can easily be painted over to give it a subtle effect. There are many ways to decorate with these nail gun accessories, there are a lot of ideas to choose from and it really depends on your style.


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